How La Luz Beach Resort stole my heart

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A quick trip to the beach never fails to make my heart sing!
And just a week ago, La Luz Beach Resort won my heart 💘

I've never been a fan of overcrowded beaches, luckily La Luz isn't one of those. We got to enjoy the place and each others company. A perfect place to relax and reconnect with yourself or with the people you're with.

The rooms are affordable and reasonably priced. It's very spacious and everything is well maintained. I think it's a good idea that there's no Television inside, this way you get to enjoy the activities they have or just bond with each other!
We did have a few minor complaints, but it never got in the way of us enjoying the place!

room rates

You might be shocked with the mandatory meal package that costs PHP1700+ per head (for overnight stay).This includes lunch upon arrival, PM snack, dinner, and breakfast the next day. While their Day Tour rates include lunch and PM snacks. But don't worry, all meals are served buffet style. 

The mandatory buffet meals give you a chance to maximize your stay. No need to worry what you'll be eating for dinner or where you're going to cook. And unlike the reviews we've read about the food they serve, it was surprisingly good! I personally love their breakfast and the salad station!

Take note of their CLAYGO policy.

La Luz may not have that powdery white sand but the ocean is very clean and the water's crystal clear! You'll literally be swimming with the fishes!

The whole beach is surrounded by nature. The dining area even has a waterfall!
If you'll like to relax in the afternoon and enjoy the view, you can find open cabanas and beach chairs all over the beach stretch.

The resort offers lots of activities for adults and children, from biking to snorkeling to ending the night with a bonfire! You can also have a drink at their bar that serves varieties of food and alcoholic drinks until 1AM.

Quick tip: You can ask the lifeguards/staffs for a free use of their lifevest! Safety first everyone, especially the kids!

A few notes/reminders
✎ A++ for their security!
✎ Pets are allowed.
✎No swimming pool.
✎ They have their own parking lot, no need to worry about that!
✎They have very courteous staff.. and lots of them 😆 
✎Good Wifi connection.

Honestly, a day wasn't enough to enjoy everything La Luz has to offer! I wish we could have stayed longer, definitely will be back here again! 💖

If you want to check them out you can reach them at:
📞: Landline: 806-7581 / 806-7667
📱 : Mobile: 0927-805-3484 / 0998-338-7111

0916-370-4017 / 0920-603-8814
📧 : Email:

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  1. I did always admire people who has time to travel a lot of. I wished there would be more space for it in my life.But thanks for nice tip for vacation will definitely check it!

  2. Wow this looks like such an amazing place to visit!

  3. One of the most beautiful places I have seen, I would love to visit the beach myself. Thanks for sharing!!!!

  4. this place look so beautiful ;) i am glad you got a great time! you are very beautiful aswel! keep going with you awesome blog ;)