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I've visited Enchanted Kingdom countless times! Back when I was still a kid, living in Laguna means having our field trips in EK. Growing up, experiencing the thrill EK brings developed my love for amusement parks. Almost every year I got to visit one of the happiest place in the Philippines.. Until I went to college and a year became a "when I have time to spare".

Luckily, I got a good reason to visit Enchanted Kingdom last week! Although it rained all day, which made enjoying all the rides and taking pictures a little harder than usual, it was still as magical as I remembered.

Enchanted Kingdom is located at Santa Rosa, Laguna. Just take a bus going to Balibago. Go down at Waltermart, Santa Rosa and from walk going to the amusement park, or take a tricycle.

Operating hours
Monday - Wednesday: Closed
Thursday - Friday: 12:00PM - 7:00PM
Saturday - Sunday: 11:00AM - 9:00PM

The rain stopped around 5 in the afternoon. We were so excited for the Ferris Wheel and waited for the golden hour but while waiting in line for the ride it started drizzling.

(view from the Ferris Wheel)

Since it was raining all day we didn't have a single sensible shot with the entrance maskot/statue, or the rides we tried. We had to put our phones in plastics just to use them or else it would be useless. 

the only picture we have at the entrance

Although the weather wasn't cooperating that day, there were surprisingly lots of people! I had fun either way.. 

The long lines for a 2-5 minute ride, getting wet on Rio Grande and trying to dry up on Flying Fiesta, over-priced food, musics, and fireworks!

Flying Fiesta

the birthday boy

BTW, kuddos to C&N Shoppe for their lovely clothes! We've been buying from them for a long time now. A little store located here in Laguna. The top and the jacket I'm wearing are all from their shop.

For EKs schedule and promos, you can reach them through

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