Filling Station Bar and Cafe

From the uniform of the staffs, to the music playing.. I fell instantly in love with this place! It felt like I took a cab back to the 50's!

We arrived at the place around one in the afternoon, to my surprise there weren't a lot of dinners yet. We stayed for a bit, had a few drinks (yes, we drink in the afternoon!) and when it was around five, crowds started coming in. So if you are going for a photo shoot, I recommend you visit in the afternoon to avoid crowds.

The food is a bit too over-priced for me. Everything is served in big servings though, I suggest you ask the waiter/server how many the dish serves before ordering to avoid left overs.

Filling Station Bar and Cafe is open 24 hrs for the restless souls around Makati. They serve alcoholic drinks anytime! So drink up and take advantage of the Instagram-worthy surrounding, just like we did 😁


If you have any questions you can reach them at

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