GoodVybes Fest

GoodVybes Fest 2016 is the first music festival brought to us by Vybe MNL. The festival showcases both international and local talents from the alternative, indie, and sub-mainstream scenes. The acts include the following:

I've always been an Indie fan, so imagine my excitement when Kuya Miguel (my sister's boyfriend) invited me to come! Apparently he scrolled my playlist one time and saw Chvrches and Oh Wonder. He got me and my sisters VIP passes and I just died! Lol

The VIPs are given privileged to roam around the whole area. They also have their own Platforms, VIP Lounge, VIP Only Bars, and VIP Only Portalets. We arrived at the Aseana City around 10 pm because we also have this birthday party we had to attend to. The gate opened at 1pm and the event started at 2pm. Luckily we arrived just when Chvrches started performing!

We got one free shot each in a bottle by Klopfer and I got to taste the Tequila Sunrise in a Popsicle stick. I still prefer the real drinks though.

Hearing Chvrches sing "Leave a Trace", "The Mother we share", and "Gun" made me genuinely happy! I haven't had the chance to share this kind of music with my friends. Whenever I play indie songs, or any type of song that is not Pop for that matter, they look at me like I'm weird. So it felt good singing along with tons of people and the artists itself!

I actually have some videos of Chvrches performing (they were amazing btw). But I recently discovered that I'm okay; not good but not bad, at taking pictures but sucks at recording!

After watching Chvrches at the Live Stage we walked around and found a band playing at the Beat Tent. To tell you the truth, I'm not familiar with the band performing but then the guy started calling "Rica", his girlfriend, up the stage and proposed! He even got us saying "I love you" to her first. He bent down on one knee with a ring and my sisters actually cried! Everyone was in awe and got me thinking, how can a girl say no if the guy is proposing in front of a crowd? But of course, she said Yes.

And then the last big act performed! The Passion Pit! I'm not even gonna say much, just wow!

The aftermath is a different story though. We spent the rest of the night walking, eating and at a rooftop!

Let me scratch this off my Bucket List now and tell me how your first Music Festival went!

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