Easy and breezy beautiful piece for an even beautiful price with this orange colorful short to mini dress at 86% off!

Going to the beach can be a very relaxing experience and one that you surely wouldn’t want to miss to capture with a selfie in, so you better make sure to wear something comfortable and beautiful enough for those pictures!  With this DRESS, you’re definitely ready to strike those poses! I personally like that it’s very breezy and easy to wear, especially during those hot summer days. You can either wear this with a cute pair of sandals or slippers when going to that relaxing beach or a pair of cute flats to match for those day time shopping and doing some errands. Minimal accessories can go a long way with this number especially because it’s already printed with all these beautiful colors.


The print of this dress is mostly in Orange, green, blue, and brown tones, like that pretty sunset you’ve been dreaming about. I like that it has a cinch on the waist to make the silhouette of this dress an even finish and it also accentuates the curves of your body. With the comfort and ease of this dress, I’m sure you can never go wrong! This is because it is made of polyester, which makes it very lightweight too! If you’re thinking about other prints, then need not worry because it comes in 13 more colorful designs! Yes, you read that one right; 13 more! With the variety of prints to choose from, of course it does not hurt to add that it also comes in a variety of sizes. It is currently available in sizes S M L XL.


Because it’s 86% off, you only get to pay PHP 499 for an originally PHP 3629 dress! At this discounted price, you get to save about PHP 3131. Want to get pay even less? Do so just by clicking on this LINK and subscribing to the website to get free coupon codes that you can immediately use on your purchases.

Payment can easily be made in PayPal, guaranteed to be safe and easy. Don’t fret about shipping because Express Shipping has got your back especially with their delivery done within just a matter of 3-5 days, very fast and reliable.


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