Palo Alto

I was scrolling through Tumblr when I saw this photo-set of Emma Roberts in the movie Palo Alto. I downloaded it right away since I miss seeing Emma Roberts in screen.

Palo means “stick” in Spanish, while Alto means “high”. I didn’t really get the point of the title. Anyway, while watching the film I keep checking for the time, not because I wanted it to finish right away but I was waiting for the climax. I liked the story. It has everything; a girl and a boy in love, cigarettes, party, booze, art, unrequited love, forbidden love, and even unicorns. But after watching it (btw I’m very disappointed with the ending or maybe it was supposed to make me feel like that or something but I kinda hoped for a different end) I searched the net and found out what the movie really meant. It was about four teenagers; April, Teddy, Emily, and Fred.

I actually finished the movie thinking that it was all about April. Come to think of it, I only focused on the story of April because somehow I see myself in her.
All-in-all, it was a great movie for me. I would probably watch it again in my free time.


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