Vanilla Cupcake bakery

Since it's been too hot to do anything this summer, Ate Kenna and I decided to look for a place to chill. Starbucks and other tea shops has been a big hit in the Philippines lately, and so does cupcakes! I mean, who could resist a good looking cupcake?! Yesterday, in order to beat this hot weather we found Vanilla Cupcakes at the second floor of Alabang Town Center (ATC) just above Starbucks.

The interior and exterior design of the place was amazing! It was relaxing, perfect for us to talk and let all that stress out. Every part of the place just wowed us. It was so cute and all my girlishness went out. I felt like a girl sitting in that couch with all that flowers. 

(Ate Kenna ordering for us. This was supposed to be a stolen shot, but she turned and smiled hahaha)

 We ordered the Red Velvet Cupcake, we were being safe although all the cupcakes look scrumptious. The cupcake was delicious!

I ordered the Vanilla Vanilla shake and Ate Kenna ordered a tea or something like that. The shake was sweet and plain, perfect for my taste. Tho next time, don't order a sweet treat with a sweet drink. It'll make you crazy! Sugar rush! :))

Have a great summer everyone! <3

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