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Hi there. I'm currently sitting in a monoblock here in our school. I just finished answering some surveys for our proffesors. I kind of just click through it, not really reading or caring at all. Anyway, it's been a while again. I thought of writing when the year 2013 was about to end, but I didn't. Then I thought of writing when the year was starting, but then I thought too much and now the first month of 2014 is about to end.
I wouldn't tell you anything about my plans for this year or make any promises. I usually break promises! The lack of posts, unfortunately, will continue until next month. I'm saving up for our International Tour in Korea, struggling not to spend all my money on wither clothes and boots. After our trip, I'll be focusing on my blogging (or whatever this is) again (hopefully) I do hope your year started as great as mine and I hope everything's going great wherever you are right now. (I just realized i wrote a lot of "hope".) It feels like Christmas is not over here in the Philippines yet. The cold weather just started and it's been colder than ever.
Steph xxx

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