I'm coming atcha like a dark horse

by - 12:18 PM

i always wanted to be a ballerina. the picture is kind of off though, i did try! i keep falling!! haha

this time i tried to look comical, like i'm falling or something. but i don't think it worked, i look like i'm just tiptoe-ing

bracelet|| J&E Collection 

this chain bracelet is handmade by J&E Collection, on of my favorite store for handmade accessories yet!

The rings are all gift from friends. 

earings|| Forever21

dress|| Folded&Hung

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  1. Love the earrings and the ring! followed your blog. Hope you follow back :) http://chieislove.blogspot.com

    1. followed back! thank you so much! join my giveaway :) xxx Voguekiss