busy bee!

by - 11:28 PM

sorry for being all MIA for the past few weeks!
school is really eating up my time, plus the weather here is really bad! i actually miss this..
so before you guys forget about me here's what's been happening in my life lately, let me present to you all:

"EUPHORIA: Unveiling the wider horizon of Entertainment and Recreational Tourism in the Philippines."

This event aims to introduce and accentuate this lateral fraction of the tourism industry since its momentous recent innovations and radical changes. Through this event we would be able to serve as a catalyst towards our fellow tourism students by imparting them wisdom and knowledge concerning the significance of Entertainment and Recreational Tourism that we would advocate through talks from excelling industries that support our theme and giving them an imagery of our said topic through the ambiance of the event.

Behold to witness 3T4's grandest spectacle; an event that would take you to a different level of excitement and thrill. Be a part of The Euphoria Contagion

Like our page: https://www.facebook.com/FOURYAPROJECT
Follow as on twitter: https://twitter.com/euphoria3t4
& instagram: http://instagram.com/theeuphoriacontagion
For inquiries, please contact: 09355527408

yes, our class is required to organize an event. and i would tell you this now, it is not that easy! but with the right people by your side, i think we can make it :)

i hope you all can consider my absences (feels like i'm writing a letter to the office, hahaha) I promise to make it up soon with new outfits and posts! PROMISE! :)

i'll tell you more about our event next time, for now i'll leave you with this video:

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