You can never have too much shoes!

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I've been busy this couple of days with school, but I'm trying hard to post daily.

Today, i'm going to tell you this new shop I found on facebook. I guess you got an idea from the title already.. yes.. it's all about shoes! I'm one of those girls who can't get enough of shoes! since I'm now studying at UST-CTHM we are trained to wear heels everyday. This started my obsession with heels and other girly things. I also love boots because I feel younger and stylish every time I wear them. While heels and flats makes me look classy and hot. Did you know that wearing heels can make your butt look bigger?! Go on! Wear heels everyday! \m/

If you haven't found your perfect, cinderella kind of shoes, the kind that makes you feel like a princess when you wear it. You can visit Shoes of Prey and make your own design! Or maybe browse their catalog and see if you like any. Here's a few of my favorites:

Aren't this shoes look awesome?! Visit their page and see what I mean.

xoxo Voguekiss

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  1. Thank you so much for the mention! Adore your blog and the selection of shoes you've chosen. Hope to bring your dream shoes to life sometime soon! x Jade from Shoes of Prey -