J&E Collections #1

by - 5:32 PM

Exhausted? That's me! I didn't actually do much but I was given all the task that I needed to do. Deadlines are all on Saturday and Sunday! So if ever I don't post for three days, please understand me. I'm dying o.O
But, I'll be doing my best to update my blog.

On the bright side..

I got my first package from J&E Collections and I'm loving them!

The quality is great and I love the design (I so love stars. like really love them!) Get these awesome bracelets and more at J&E Collections.
note: my camera phone and internet connection sucks in so many ways. so i used the picture from J&E Collection instead. actual picture of the bracelets I have will be posted on my IG soon (stephrelativo)

You'll be seeing them more on my blog posts.
Don't forget to join their monthly giveaway too.

xoxo Voguekiss

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