Saying YES in the face of a NO!

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I'm starting this month with good news!
I am now officially employed. If you're from the Philippines who's looking for a condo unit, let me know! At first I wasn't a 100% sure about this job. I'm a Travel Management major and sales is far from my field. But when my friend asked me to try and apply, I said YES. I got the job the next day and started working right away. I'm still having a hard time every now and then, but I guess it's better than nothing. Of course there are people who'll tell me I'm making a wrong choice. Everything is going too fast and I'm just hoping for good results at the end of the month.

Another good news is my sister's getting married next year! If you're following me on my Snapchat, you'll find lots of pictures and videos from last night's dinner with my sister's fiance's family. My sister asked me to be her Maid of Honor and I said YES! right away. So the count down starts now! We have to think of the venue, guests, food, flowers, etc.

I do believe that the bride's gown is one of the most important thing.
In line with this, I have found Sherry London (2015), a UK based online shop that offers a wide range of choices for Prom Dresses, Evening Dresses, Cocktail & Party, Homecoming Dresses, and even Bridesmaid Dresses.

"We are a professional Bridesmaid dresses company in custom made, design and sales business. We will render service quickest, most easily and most intimately to serve the fastest and convenient tailored customization in bridesmaid, prom dresses and special occasion dresses."

Here's some of my favorites:


Looking at their page makes me want to get married now (Okay, don't tell my mom I said that) or go to prom again!

Sherry London is also having a sale right now, the Summer Sale:
Get 50% off unique prom dresses that will make you outstanding among the crowd.

You'll be hearing more from them soon. Have a blessed Sunday everyone! Sending my love to everyone out there.


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