Get lost with confidence

by - 10:38 PM

Is it too late to love tennis skirts?!

I actually got this skirt for free last May! One of my boss at World Trade Center gave me a coupon and 20-30 mins to enjoy a bazaar. We will be having a Gala night that same day and we had to wear an all white outfit. I brought with me a white dress, white skirt, and a white shirt. Unfortunately that wasn't enough for me so instead of buying shoes (my feet was killing me that day from wearing heels, lifting boxes and running around) I bought this skirts instead. I never got a chance to wear them though, not until now.

I got the necklace from a store at a bazaar that I forgot.

Lately, I've been trying my best to look tough. Everyday I have to talk to strangers and make them listen to me. A few months ago I wouldn't even reply to a txt message from a friend but now I'm calling strangers and making small talk.
When I was in college our motto tells us that the only thing we should be ashamed of is sins. If you are not doing anything illegal or immoral, then you should not be shy! So I guess I have no reason to be shy.

(By the way, I discovered an easier way to shop online and get freebies/incentives easier! Stay tuned for my next post.)

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