It's been more than a year since my last post and a lot of things changed; my hair is now a bit curly and long, and I am now a 20 year old unemployed citizen.

I took this photo on a dressing room, where i rejoined my mom, after a very long day of trying to look for a job. Here’s what i learned: when people try to tell you that you are lucky to be in school, believe them. Don’t complain from all the papers you have to write, books you have to read or the shit you have to take just to pass a class because they’re right, being a student is a blessing. Nobody is trying to scare you from the “real world” that you have to face after college, they’re just really saying the truth without exaggeration.

I graduated last May 28 and I already miss school.

Now I’m still waiting for calls, messages or emails that might never come. Worse than waiting for a boy.

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