Freedom Rebels

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wearing another piece by SummerSoulGypsy

Though their designs are all inspired by art and nature, pairing them with the perfect colors can turn them into something entirely different. Be bold and don't be afraid to pair them with your own style.

Accessories, as cliche as it sounds, can make or break your outfit. So be sure not to wear to much or too less. Find that perfect accessories for you!

By the way, my SummerSoulGypsy Giveaway is still on going! Only a few more days to go! Don't miss this chance to win the same designs I'm wearing but of course different colors.
muscle tee // Forever 21
skater skirt // gift
knee high socks // Forever 21
bracelet stack // SummerSoulGypsy

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  1. Replies
    1. they are actually from Forever 21. but come to think of it, i would love to make my own muscle tees :)

  2. Super cool look, love the edgy tee with that skater skirt! Very chic indeed !
    I would like to invite you to please participate in my International Giveaway from Sammy Dress !

    International Giveaway from Sammy Dress
    Feisty Fox Diaries

  3. So inlove with the look. Cool yet very chic.