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Here in the Philippines, whenever Christmas is near we don't have snow or winter. But the weather seems cooler. We call this days the "ber months" starting from SeptemBER to DecemBER.

I love "ber months" it's our cuddle weather! Our Sweater weather! People will start wearing sweaters, long sleeves, socks, etc. I can start wearing beanies without the worry of people thinking it's too hot for me to wear anything that covers my ears, lol.

Anyway, it's getting a cooler here (but not really that cold) so i decided to purchase a this CLIMB loose top form Indie-GoBoutique. It's very affordable and the cloth is surprisingly very soft.


Paired with this cute Korean-ish bag, a DIY hw shorts, accessories from J&E Collections and my favorite bowler hat, it's perfect for a day out with my girlfriends!


bracelets: J&E Collections

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